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Thursday Lightworkers Group - 24th October 2013 - Connecting Earth, Human and Cosmic Energies

All sorts of patterns and possibilities, join in via Facebook here:
The signs of the Zodiac laid over the human body - intriguing...

 Let’s ignore scale, (which I think is an illusion of our 3D view of space anyway), and imagine that the Earth, our individual human bodies and the whole cosmos are each three spheres of energy, all the same size and all occupying exactly the same infinitely small and also infinitely large space. If that’s too much to visualise why not just relax, clear your mind and ask your subconscious to take over the journey for you:-)
...the Zodiac laid over the Earth
I’m particularly interested in just how connected we humans are, one thing this group has shown me is that distance is no object, if we choose to connect with each other in different countries we can. I think we can develop this ability to share information, find design solutions to problems and much more. This is going to be so useful as and when our technological-industrial way of life collapses. This is a conscious evolution into a more peaceful, aware and co-operative state.
Ruth has observed how plants seem to communicate, even in an 8’ by 4’ vegetable bed. Basil and chille plants seem to act as communicators helping other plants to find and absorb nutrients they need. How do they do that? Well let’s explore that this Thursday. The mycellial network is a vital part of forest systems, doing a similar job and also recycling dead plant material back into the soil. I was delighted to see this article: which describes how fungi, the fruiting bodies of the mycellial network, are responsible for most of the carbon sequestration in northern forests. This is a bit mind-blowing for me as it suggests that there is at least one system that we can encourage that will help to draw carbon out of the atmosphere and to draw us back from the nightmare cliff edge of runaway climate change.
I feel that there must be other kinds of life scattered throughout the cosmos, some much more developed than our own. Maybe there are other planets where life has been through a similar stage to our own and there are beings who have had to learn to lead a different way of life so as not to destroy their environment – so why don’t we also ask for their advice on how to do that?

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