Monday, 28 October 2013


This is an extraordinary time to be walking the Earth, our choices and actions now may draw us back from the brink of mass extinction. A change in attitude is urgently needed - an evolved partnership with the Earth.
You see this in the world of farming where giant fields are treated as factory units - energy, chemicals and machinery used to extract units of produce from the land with no feeling or respect for nature. Our attitude to life has soaked into the ground, literally and energetically.
We can make a difference by focusing on this attitude because we hold it too when we take part in the developed world craziness, so far removed from a way of life that the planet can support.
What do we each need to do and what do we need to stop doing? What is the best use of our time and energy? Ask the Earth. Whether we make inner or outer changes they ripple out around the world.
I got a strong feeling in the last Thursday Lightworkers Group session that our personal power must change. This is a time for female strength, firm gentleness. The way we gather and produce our food, materials, clothing must become radically different. It isn't even a case of just going back to a way of life from a few hundred years ago with horses drawing ploughs, the plough is part of the problem too. To reach a way of life that is truly sustainable means developing abundant local woodlands, orchards and forests, including open spaces grazed by animals - a huge variety of interconnected life with many yields for us and many features that simply support the whole network.
Finding a simpler way of life needn't mean going back to the stone age. The Thursday Group has shown me dramatically that we have abilities we can tap into and develop which will help us to keep the wonderful connection we have achieved through the internet for a start. What else do we want to keep from the modern world anyway? Music, travel... I think we'll still be able to do those.

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