THURSDAY GROUP - how to join in with the free remote energy healing sessions

Energy flows up and down

  • INTENTION: first set your intention, say quietly to yourself that you would like to join in with the group. You can ask for help with a particular health problem or body area, or you can ask for a general health boost.
  • RELAX, BE STILL: you can lie down or sit down, either way it helps to get as still as possible. Take deep slow breaths and allow each out-breath to help you to relax deeper and deeper. Some people find slipping into a meditative state helpful.
  • FOCUS AND VISUALISE: The main technique I recommend is something I've developed through studying with Psychic Surgeon, Gary Mannion. Focus on each of your body's chakras or energy centres, in whatever order they appear to you exploring how they feel and allowing them to connect with each other. Then connect with an Earth energy centre through the soles of your feet and a higher energy centre above your head. Allow all these body, Earth, cosmic centres to blend together into one ball of life force energy. If that all seems a bit complicated just relax and set the intention for life force energy to flow where you need it.


  1. Thanks..I am also a Cranial Sacral Ireally like to feel this. I also do phone sessions so I. Know it works!!!

    1. Brilliant Darlene, I've had some fascinating over the phone experiences too. I guess CranioSacral works at a distance because we're bridging the worlds of the physical and energy bodies. See you in the ether :-)

    2. Woo hoo! Thanks. .yoday I have a medical procedure and I'm going to tune in at 1 00 pm ny time and receive.

    3. Brilliant Darlene, that's just how I'm hoping our remote group work will help people, I think we're all developing something with wonderful potential. Good luck! :-)

  2. I really need some remote healing! So glad I found u all!!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Anthony, yes of course you're welcome to join in. Join the Thursday Group on Facebook if you can: then you'll receive automatic invitations to the sessions. You're own intention to join in is the most important thing though. Best wishes, Ian