Thursday, 24 October 2013

Appley Abundance

And still the apples keep on coming... I've been amazed at the sheer quantity of fruit just one tree can produce and when you have a few trees of different types you can have a serious supply for a useful part of the year, and you can store them too. One of the challenges is finding the time to do something with them all, there's barely time to pick up all the windfalls.
We are pressing lots here at the farm as part of the excellent Incredible Edible campaign - Facebook page here:
Stacks and stacks of apples for pressing here at Treflach
First Apple Day nice and sunny...
...second Apple Day rainy but three presses going all the same
Kerry and Janet selling some of the juice in Oswestry
Another nice idea - seeing how much you can grow in a crate

This is Silver posing in front of the old apple tree in our garden...

...still absolutely loaded with apples
This is just a day's windfalls from our tree

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