THURSDAY GROUP - Free Remote CranioSacral Therapy Sessions

I host these free remote energy healing sessions on Thursday evenings, 9 to 9.45pm UK time. You can join in from wherever you are. See page "How to join in..." The more people join in, the stronger the energy gets.
My understanding is that we are tapping into a vast, intricate, powerful system of Energy Healing or Energy Medicine. All the healing methods that work with our bodys' subtle energy systems, Acupuncture, CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexology, Chi Kung, Reiki, Bowen Technique and so on seem to be part of one big system. Energy Healing can be given and received either hands-on or remotely through groups such as ours. It can be focused very precisely on particular body structures or have a general effect. I know that this work has the potential to help many, many people around the world who would otherwise have only limited or no healthcare. It is intended to work in partnership with the conventional healthcare of medication and surgery rather than to replace it. My vision is that it will take up some of the increasing strain felt by the UK's national health service and others around the world, a situation that can only intensify as we feel the deepening effects of dwindling natural resources and climate change.
I feel the universe as infinitely more intricate, enfolded, layered, complex and yet beautifully simple than anything we can dream of. The healing life force energies that flow during the sessions always feel different to me, sometimes like showers of tiny particles of light, sometimes like super-powerful enfolding entities and guides. There is infinite support for us all around, the universe must surely be life-friendly or we wouldn't be here.
Maybe the most important part of our Energy Healing is to link in with the energies of the Earth. This is a time when we, in the so-called developed world desperately need to form a new partnership with her, to explore and connect with the energies of plants, forest, the spirits of water, wood and stone, the flickering realms we generally ignore. It's a time to be open minded.
People joining in with the sessions have been receiving help for a wide range of health concerns, from structural problems such as back pain, joint pain or digestive problems, emotional issues, or just receive a positive health boost in a world which has so many negative influences. Ask for whatever help you feel you need. It's good to remember that however you experience your problem on the surface there will probably deeper issues involved.
More often than not, there's a lesson to be learned about your life's journey in an illness, so if someone just took away your problem without giving you an opportunity to explore that they wouldn't neccessarily be doing you a favour. Many of our health problems come from the patterns and roles within our interactions with other people, when you come to an understanding of that stuff you can live more freely. Also, expect unexpected connections, eg a back problem is often connected with a digestive problem. As well as insights you may receive during the sessions you can join in the discussions about health and healing on the Facebook page.
DO I NEED TO BELIEVE IT WILL WORK?No and no religion is involved. I suggest that newcomers to energy work approach it with an open mind and open heart, like finding a room in your home that you never knew existed.
Anything from heat, tingling, a flow of energy and images of lights and colours to no sensation at all. Even if you feel nothing it can still help. People often fall asleep during sessions and that doesn't seem to matter either. The more you practise the more powerful the experience will be.
I hope you enjoy the sessions, I love getting feedback here or through Facebook .


  1. I will look forward to joining you next week. Your friend Julie Thrburn recommended your page and she sends you love.

  2. Brilliant Fiona, hope you have a good session, join in any time. Say hi to Julie for me :-)

  3. Good morning Mr. Watt, I just recently learned that my darling little sister has CJD disease. It's a horrible brain disease! I can't spell the whole name of the disease at the moment. It very very rare. One in a million people will get it and it's always fatal. I believe in energy healing. Do you think doing energy healing on my sister, Lisa would work on this horrid brain virus? Thank you.

  4. I'm sorry I've only just got your message Evelyn, I hope your sister's doing ok. It's always worth trying energy work, craniosacral therapy or any other gentle holistic treatments. Here's a link to the session tonight, your sister is welcome to join in, with best wishes, Ian