!! NEW !! Remote Healing Group Network

I've opened a Facebook  page to help to promote and develop remote healing group work - you're welcome to join, check it out here.

I'm delighted that the group I host, the Thursday Group, focused on CranioSacral Therapy and Energy Work generally, has been able to help so many of people over the years. People report help with particular concerns: eg neck pain, back pain, tendonitis and even quite precise restrictions, eg around a cranial bone. They also report more general kind of help, a feeling of being re-charged, getting better sleep and feeling re-balanced. But I'm sure we're just skimming over the surface of what's possible with remote group work, I feel we can help large numbers of people all around the world, many of whom might not receive any healthcare at all otherwise.

This is meaned to work alongside hands-on therapy rather than replace it. There's no substitute for the gentle power of physical touch, and talking and listening one-to-one. I hope that if people join in with remote groups, when they are able to receive hands-on help as well it well work at an even deeper level and help people to achieve even deeper healing.

I'd especially like to see more groups start up and people sending out other Energy Work treatments: REFLEXOLOGY, ACUPRESSURE, HOMEOPATHY, ETC. ETC. I know these can be sent, and I'm sure at the end of the day they're all just part of one big wonderful ENERGY WORK MEDICINE there to explore.

My vision is that we can build up a global network of remote healing group energy so that there's a group or several groups people can join in with at any time of the day.
One for all and all for one :-)

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