Remote Treatment - how does it work?

This is treatment which I give over a distance either in the free Thursday Group sessions, via Facebook, or in one-to-one sessions for which I charge a fee.

I often wonder how remote treatment works and my present understanding revolves around a few key ideas and experiences:
  • The mainstream notion of scale is an illusion and the universe is super-enfolded, i.e. every point in space contains the whole universe.
  • All matter, all life and all consciousness are just different manifestations of one energetic unit, a life force energy, constantly vibrating in and out of existence.
  • We only perceive a very small part of existence, other features and beings exist, operating at different frequencies and in different phases from us. Some beings are purely energetic and have no physical bodies.
  • Our physical bodies are enfolded within and around our energy bodies. You can't work with one without effecting the other. There are times when it's good to focus on one or the other and there's times when you can work with both at the same time. The life long healing journey will involve the energy body and the physical body.
  • Intention: if two people choose to connect through life force energy they can. They will connect instantly.
  • Resonance: the intention to help others ripples out everywhere and life force energy and other manifestations of it will resonate with that intention.
We have physical bodies and we also have energy bodies. Every one of our physical structures has an energy counterpart. All life everywhere is connected through an all-pervasive energy field and one person can give a treatment of the energy body to another at a distance through this field. Treatment can be focused on a particular structure, eg a joint or internal organ, through its energy component. Treatment can also be focused on those of the energy body’s structures which have no exact physical counterpart, the energy centres (or chakras), the meridian system and energy field. Working in this way can give the area a boost and make energy available to help a healing process along. Just as when treating someone in the usual “present” way, subtle or energy work can be just as effective and helpful, often even more so, than treating the physical body. Why and how? Answering why and how means thinking about why and how people have health problems and why and how they heal.
Your physical body and energetic body both interact with the people and world around you all the time. In my early days as a therapist treating people with massage alone I remember treating a patient who had very tight shoulders. I treated her several times but they just stayed obstinately stuck. When I went on to study CranioSacral Therapy I soon found that it was much more helpful to look beneath the surface for what was causing such a patient’s tight shoulders. That was the start of a fascinating healing journey finding out about the roots of poor health, for patients and for myself. It’s a journey involving all the many levels of your being:
  • your physical body
  • your personal energy, your energy body, your spirit and soul
  • your interactions with others
  • your interactions with the Earth and the cosmos
All these levels can explored through distant treatment just as with present treatment but generally it has to be combined with some sort of process that will help the patient come to a deeper understanding of their process, and this is often through talking or writing.
To be most effective, treatment is best backed up with some kind of talking or writing to help the patient explore, feel, understand, process, accept or release anything that may have come up in the session. If it’s with the therapist, this may be during a present session, or may be through emails and phone calls before and after a distant treatment. Sometimes, treatment will clarify that the patient really has something to say to a friend, partner, colleague or relative, maybe in the present time or maybe in the past.  We also have our Thursday Group where people are able to discuss issues and support each other through Facebook.
Even if our therapists could take our pain and troubles all away they wouldn’t necessarily be doing us a service. There’s generally something to learn in there, an “issue in the tissue”. It may be something the patient is well aware of, eg stress at work or at home, or it may be some life-long pattern that the patient needs help in identifying, understanding and clearing.
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  1. Ian has helped me with both distant and hands on healing since 2010. Through a difficult pregnancy and PTSD Ian's healing was amazing! I continue to use Ian's healing when I feel I need to, and I always feel so uplifted and spiritually touched afterwards. I am so glad there are people in the world such as Ian! It makes me smile and feel so much better about the changing world we live in. Thank you Ian for the wonderful work that you do! CK

  2. Thank you CK! Love to you all xx