Saturday, 23 November 2013

Imagine Global Consciousness...

Imagine a world where each of us can tune in with a global consciousness which includes everyone on Earth and links with all life everywhere. Imagine if our decisions, choices and actions were based on a collective understanding of how best to regenerate natural wealth globally and locally. What if we don’t really need politicians, police forces, armies, accountants, lawyers, bankers etc and all those peoples’ energies could be focused into helping to build a sustainable way of life? Is there actually any other way of avoiding mass extinction?

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Regenerating Natural Wealth

First steps: revoluion in a little crate - local food, no pesticide, save money, use some of your waste to make compost... win, win, win
Listening to politicians and corporations you could think that wealth only means financial wealth. This is bollocks. There is no financial wealth that doesn’t depend on natural wealth to generate it.
Tragically, in pursuing financial wealth alone we've considered natural wealth, people and the environment as expendable, and look where that’s getting us.
This is an everyone problem, we’re all responsible for our materialist/consumerist/corpocratic system and attitudes. If it’s not what we want we can change things by our individual actions, stop buying stuff wrapped in plastic flown in from the other side of the world, start growing some food and regenerating abundant local systems that give us our basic needs for a start.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

New Age practical and spiritual skills

Welcome to my handbook for sustainable living, it's full of PRACTICAL STUFF like green woodworking, eco-building, forest gardening, working with reclaimed materials, permaculture and so on, based on my personal experiences over the last seven years working at places like the Lammas eco-village and here at Treflach Farm.
It's also full of HUMAN ENERGY FIELD STUFF because we are going to need that as well when the shit inevitably hits the fan. In fact I think it's our best hope of achieving the best quality of survival for the largest number of people. So the handbook explores Global Consciousness, Peacefaring, Remote Group Energy Medicine, Biodynamics, working with Cosmic and Earth energies and all that kind of thing too.
We are moving into a New Age whether we like it or not so lets choose to guide the process towards something wonderful.