Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Life support - natural wealth is the fundamental wealth

The idea, much promoted by politicians, corporations and run-of-the-mill economists, that they are creating wealth is bollocks. They talk of wealth as a financial thing but there is nothing of any financial value that does not come primarily from natural wealth. The pursuit of financial wealth in the "developed" world is leading to a devestated Earth. Our most important work is to regenerate natural wealth wherever we are. We live our human lives within a network of other life and our health depends on the diversity, abundance and health of that network.
Ruth and I are lucky in finding ourselves in a situation where we have been able to start this change in attitude and way of life living here on the farm. I know it doesn't seem so easy to go against the established flow when you are locked into the system to find money to pay the everyday bills. All the same, if we don't change our attitude to wealth individually and collectively it will only get harder and harder to avoid the destruction of the Earth's ability to support much life of any kind. Does your daily work regenerate or use up natural wealth? Is there any way you can regenerate a bit of waste land, grow some food, sow some flowers for the bees, do some random act of kindness for a stranger? There's loads you find you can do when you get started.
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