Thursday, 26 September 2013

Therapy and Ecology - Bringing it All Together

Therapy and ecology aren't often grouped together but there's so much the two worlds can learn from each other. Therapists generally focus on treating their patients, they might include their patients' relationships with other people in sessions, but how can healing not include a patient's relationship with the environment, the Earth and all life? And permaculture, sustainable living and other eco-projects most often seem to fail because of personality clashes, where people don't understand the dynamics of their behaviour and interactions with other people in their patterns and roles, where some deep therapy could really help. So that's what this blog is all about, bringing the worlds of therapy and ecology together.
I've been exploring what people are doing on eco projects in the UK and Portugal for some years, writing about it all on Ian's Eco Blog. I was developing a separate site for my therapy and healing work then realised I was keeping the two worlds apart myself... So here's everything in one place. Ruth's got me interested in Biodynamics which you could say is about working with the energy of plants and their relationship with ourselves and the cosmos, a good example of bringing it all together. 

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