Sunday, 29 September 2013

Ducks and Dogs

We had a couple of duck chicks earlier this year, both fully grown now. The ducks are really good fun to have around, waddling about and eating anything they can lay their beaks on, including slugs which seem to be a duck delicacy. I'd recommend ducks rather than hens for any eco project with a bit of space. They lay lots of eggs and it's great farm entertainment watching them do their duck stuff. Then just when you're starting to take yourself a bit seriously their's a hoot of duck derision from the distance...
Duck chicks at a few weeks old
Since Ruth put out a water bath for them the ducks come down onto our patch much more. That's the duck love machine, Barry White, in the background.
Nellie and Silver, the two farm dogs. We have been teaching Nellie to grin but Silver manages to look crazy all on her own.

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