Monday, 26 December 2016

2017, Your Inner Trump & You, The Triune Brain, Global Consciousness... and more...

It's easy, and such good fun, to ridicule politicians and don't they, mostly, just thoroughly deserve it? What an extraordinary amount of scum seems to have floated to the top in 2016...
"Anyone who wants power shouldn't have it."
But hold on a minute, what do they represent? Don't they actually represent us? At least a part of each of us that we pretend isn't there, fearful, xenophobic, kept hidden deep down, like an embarrassing monster relative. It's well explained by the Triune Brain model,
the idea being that our wonderfully evolved human brain is an enfoldment over the earlier mammal brain which is in turn an enfoldment over the primitive reptile brain. When we get scared, drunk or have our buttons pushed, years of evolutionary process can disappear in a moment and we lash out like reptiles - and/or vote for reptiles.
So what can anyone who would like to see a better world do with so many depressing events around us, when things generally seem to be going to the dogs? Well, we can start by taking responsibility for everything ourselves. Then we can choose not to sink to the level of the lowest common denominator. While we recognise our inner Trump we can choose not to act like him, choosing maybe an inner Gandhi guide instead. But my greatest hope for 2017 is that through building on our extraordinary experiences of energy work, through groups like our Thursday Group and much other work and practice, we will somehow lift the whole of mankind's consciousness to a new level. We'll find extraordinary abilities within ourselves and we'll find amazing peaceful, coperative, gentle solutions to global problems that will ripple round the world.

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