Thursday, 27 August 2015

Towards a Deeper Reality

I often find myself encouraging people to be a wee bit more open minded.
The accepted, establishment, "scientifically proven" view of the world takes us through life like a train on tracks. We're supposed to sit docilely, like well-behaved children in class, looking out of the window, only seeing what we've been told we can see, so we'll be good little cogs in the establishment machine.
Well I for one sometimes want to get up onto the roof of the train or even get off the train altogether. So how do we do that?

In the Don Juan books, like “A Separate Reality”, Don Juan continually attacks Carlos Castanedas’ habitual understanding of the world with drugs - peyote and datura - and by putting in him hair-raising situations where his perception and ability jumps to a different level. Less dramatically, have you ever tried just looking at something for a while, a leaf, or a bit of wood? The more you look, the more you see, until a new world of patterns appears, that you sort of knew was there from a dream but had forgotten...
And where does our current understanding of the universe come from anyway? From people like Einstein, Galileo, Faraday who had the insight to turn what they were taught upside down. Someday their work will be turned inside out too.
The first thing I would like to turn inside-out is the accepted view of wealth as being primarily a money thing. If you think about it, anything of any value comes primarily from the environment, the biosphere nestled in the universe.

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